Chicken Parmesan Over Angel Hair Pasta

This easy Chicken Parmesan Over Angel Hair Pasta recipe is good enough for company. Panko breading adds crunch and fresh mozzarella bubbles on top. Divine! Chicken Parmesan Over Angel Hair Pasta makes “Spaghetti Night” special! Your family will Chicken Parmesan that is as good as from a restaurant. Panko breading for the chicken breasts and fresh mozzarella rather than bagged…
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How to Crochet a Simple Infinity Scarf

This easy, free infinity scarf video tutorial demonstrates with easy-to-see bulky yarn and a large hook how to crochet a simple, pretty infinity scarf. Infinity scarves are such a pretty fashion accessory and fun way to keep warm in winter. Even more fun is the compliments you receive while wearing an infinity scarf YOU created! Relax and enjoy these long…
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Slow Cooker Oxtail Barley Soup

Slow Cooker Oxtail Barley Soup is a rich, hearty, flavorful way to fill up on a cold winter day while enjoying the health benefits of bone broth. Food history interests me. Oxtail soup is a fairly recent addition to the American food lexicon. I’m surprised to learn what I thought is an old British soup is also fairly new to…
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