Farmhouse Strawberry Shortcake: Super Simple and Fun!

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Farmhouse Strawberry Shortcake is a fun way to serve this traditional spring dessert! The Mason jar makes it portable and fun! It’s snowing again. I’m done. So I’m thumbing my nose at Fimbulvinter and making Farmhouse Strawberry Shortcake. This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. Various Kinds of Shortcake I didn’t want just […]

Prepare for Dangerous Weather: Make a Storm Kit

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There were no ominous clouds to be seen that day. It was picture perfect. We enjoyed our lunch with our then 4-year-old daughter, and I was planning to do some gardening and pick raspberries that afternoon. We weren’t terribly concerned about the storm reports on the noon news. As we went about our afternoon, we […]

Growing Tomatoes 101: A Simple Guide for Beginners

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Growing Tomatoes 101 helps you have success raising tomatoes by helping you choose a variety that’s right for you, teaching how what fertilizers to use and how to use them, and how to deal with the most common tomato pest.   This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. Gardening is cheaper than therapy, […]

Removing Brown Gunk from Cookware

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Removing that brown gunk that collects on the bottoms of your cookware is possible with these simple steps and a couple of easy-to-find cleaning products. This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. It can be pretty discouraging when your nice set of stainless steel cookware looks like this. UPDATE 8/12/19: This is one […]