How I’m Slaying My Goals in 2019

I’m slaying my goals in 2019 with The Slay Your Goals Planner. This planner helps me analyze intentions, map out mini-goals, and start achieving! Everyone who knows me knows I’m a “do-er.” It’s who I am. To-do lists are something I’m good at. But being a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years is causing me […]

Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem

Searing, burning, clenching pain wracked her body. It had a will of its own. Her body giving birth is completely out of her control. In between the rapidly increasing contractions she struggles to recall her mother’s instructions. “When the time comes, breathe. The pain has a purpose. Let the pain happen. Push when you feel […]

Best Microwave Fudge Ever!

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Make the best microwave fudge ever! Just use your favorite flavor baking chips, sweetened condensed milk, and follow these simple directions. And I’m not kidding. This fudge recipe is foolproof. It’s also incredibly versatile. This is hands-down the easiest and best microwave fudge ever! The base ingredients are baking chips (whatever flavor you want) and […]

Crochet 101: Beginner’s Tutorial Videos

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Crochet 101: Beginner’s Tutorial Videos provides written and easy-to-follow video tutorials for learning to crochet. Learn to read a pattern and more! This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. It’s January 2012, I’m in bed for weeks with pneumonia, and I’m bored. I’m well enough to get around a little bit, but only […]

Roast Duck with Fig Tarragon Glaze

Roast Duck with Fig Tarragon Glaze is perfect for a special dinner and simple to make. Try it for Christmas dinner, a romantic evening, or special birthday! Sometimes I just want something different for dinner. Because of some problems at my favorite local grocery store, I’m now making longer shopping trips to the nearest Aldi. […]