Bake Feather-light Dinner Rolls This Thanksgiving!

Do you love homemade yeast rolls but hate the hassle of making them? Me too. We’re all crunched for time. But oh, there’s nothing like a fresh, hot, homemade roll from the oven! Pressed for time last weekend, I created a fantastic, flavorful yeast roll that was started at 3:30 p.m. and ready to eat by 6:30 p.m. And that includes two hours of waiting for the dough to rise! I give you, my friends, Feather-light Dinner Rolls!

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Feather-light Dinner Rolls in a Hurry!

Both kids being home for the weekend is the perfect time for creating and photographing holiday food for future blog posts. Especially rolls and turkey. The hubs and I don’t want to try to consume a whole turkey and batch of rolls on our own. We don’t have the freezer space right now to save it for later. I have to take advantage of having two athletes in the house to help eat all this food! 🙂

I dash to the store to get the ingredients. Once I organize everything, I start with the rolls.

Initially, I start using the method for making Easy Homemade Artisan Bread to make the rolls. It’s about as simple and quick a homemade bread as you can make. And then I hesitate. Homemade artisan bread is great, but I want something different. Something a little more rich and flavorful.

So instead of adding warm water, I add milk, water, and sour cream. Maybe a little sugar to sweeten the rolls up a bit. And Kay, (I talk to myself a lot), work the dough only enough to mix the ingredients. Like when making biscuits. Just to see what happens.

The 2-Part Secret to Feather-light Dinner Rolls

Kneading creates a thicker, chewier consistency. That can be great too! But today, I’m going for light and fluffy bread. The dough needs to be wet and sticky. Add only enough flour to make it possible to handle and shape it. Then handle and shape it as little as possible.

So the 2-Part Secret to feather-light rolls is creating a wet, sticky dough adding only enough flour for you to be able to handle and shape it. Then, only handle the dough enough to mix it and shape it.

These rolls are “Husband Approved”

My husband is taste-tester extraordinaire. Upon trying these rolls, he said if we can sell them we’ll be rich. He likes that they’re not heavy and dense like most dinner rolls.

Give them a test run before the holiday season and see what I mean! I love it when a kitchen experiment goes great! Remember to stay tuned (subscribe if you haven’t already) for upcoming installments showing you how to prepare holiday dishes!

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