Beeswax wraps are nice. But silicone food storage bags are a wonderful beeswax wrap alternative. Click here for a video and article showing why!

I like reducing waste.

My generation returned empty pop bottles to the store to be washed and refilled with the soda company’s product. “Non-disposable cloth paper towels” were called cleaning rags back in the day. We drank water straight from the faucet. In a glass or Tupperware tumbler.

That time was also a time of transition.

More and more products and packaging became disposable.

silicone food storage bags arranged on a black background

Fortunately, companies are responding to consumer demands for products that can be reused rather than tossed. One such product for food storage is beeswax wraps.

Beeswax wraps are cloths, usually made from organic 100 percent cotton, that are coated with beeswax and used in place of disposable plastic food wrap or bags. The beeswax is slightly sticky and when folded over, say a sandwich, the wrap clings and protects it.

The Problems with Beeswax Wraps

Some of my friends, like Laura at Little Yellow Wheelbarrow, are good at making things. Her tutorial for making beeswax wraps is very good if you are interested in making them. She even includes pretty printable labels for gifting them.

Making these wraps takes time and you need to purchase the materials. Beeswax wraps can be purchased on Amazon and at various retailers.

Other reasons I would rather not use beeswax wraps:

The Benefits of Silicone Food Storage Bags

I’m using silicone food storage bags from Home Hero (available at Amazon) and I’m so pleased with them!

turkey sandwich in a silicone food storage bag
A turkey sandwich on sourdough bread in a silicone food storage bag.

Video of Me Using Home Hero’s Silicone Food Storage Bags

I’ve tried beeswax wraps. For all the reasons listed above, I prefer this beeswax wraps alternative.

Another Reason I Use Silicone Food Storage Bags

My husband and I raise cattle. When a calf is born, it’s imperative that it nurses as soon as possible after birth.

You see, that first nursing provides a newborn calf with vital colostrum. Colostrum is in every mammal’s first let down of milk that provides the baby with antibodies to boost its immune system.

charolais bull calf
One of our Charolais bull calves.

Sometimes after a difficult birth, a calf will not get up and nurse soon enough to get that colostrum. Or a cow’s milk doesn’t come in. So cattlemen will milk the cow while the calf gets its bearings and feed the calf the colostrum. Then some extra colostrum is kept in the freezer in case it’s needed later.

Silicone food storage bags are perfect for storing colostrum in the freezer. They’re thick and sturdy enough for storing liquids in the freezer without getting holes or leaking.

Mason jars sometimes crack and break when used for storing foods in the freezer. Silicone food storage bags eliminate this problem.

So for people who raise livestock and need to store that vital colostrum for their fur babies, I can’t recommend silicone food storage bags highly enough.


As a reusable food storage product, I think silicone food storage bags beat beeswax wraps. Have you tried them? What do you think? Let me know in the comment below.

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