When starting this blogging journey, I was so new to the technology I had notes on how to take a screenshot. Seriously! All I used my laptop and smartphone for was reading the news, shopping, taking and editing photos, and email. While going through my notes recently I reviewed some of my decisions made about my blog. One of the best decisions was to use ConvertKit for managing Loving the Home Life’s email list.

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I’m blogging completely solo. My husband is more than supportive but with his career, he doesn’t have time to be more than a cheerleader. Plus, he knows even less about online technology than me. We’re also running a small acreage with livestock and my time is precious. I have no time or interest in dealing with technology issues.

After working through a tutorial on how to get my website designed (and isn’t it beautiful?), it was time to link up forms for readers to enter their email address to subscribe to Loving the Home Life. In an effort to save money, I planned to use a free email management service. I signed up for a very popular one just about everyone with any kind of online business has heard of.

Refined Theme

I carefully followed the instructions in the Restored 316’s tutorial, but just. could. not. get. it linked.

After some research I learned I’m not the only one struggling to link this company’s service to my blog.


Now what? Sadly, the free version offered by the email management company I planned to use offers no support with their free program.


ConvertKit to the Rescue

Now, to be fair, many bloggers use the free email management service I was struggling with and are very happy with it. But that apparently wasn’t going to be the case with me. And since the email list is the most important part of a blog or any other kind of online business, I finally decide an investment is worth it. Especially since that investment comes with tech support.

ConvertKit is one of the email management services recommended in Abby and Donnie Lawson’s Building A Framework: Launch a Blog that Thrives tutorial. (Read here about how I created Loving the Home Life using Building a Framework). The theme I’m using has a widget specifically for connecting ConverKit forms to a website.

So I signed up with ConverKit and in about 15 minutes I had my first subscriber form on this blog ready for creating a wonderful tribe of new friends. 🙂

Here is that first form:

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One of the rewards for subscribing to Loving the Home Life. Never forget to change the furnace filter again! 🙂 This downloadable and printable Home & Life Calendar helps you stay organized and run your home well.

Email Management Made Easy

ConvertKit is easy to learn and use. New members are walked through each step of the set-up process. Support is always a click away if needed.

There are different styles of forms to choose from to add to your website. I prefer forms at the end of an article or in the sidebar. Pop-ups and slide-ins annoy me. I refuse to use them, but they are available if they work for your website.

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I especially love that my weekly emails to my friends can be scheduled ahead of time. This is a huge timesaver and an essential feature for when we travel.

Automations and sequences follow a flowchart pattern and are easily created. And I have a new love: Landing Pages.

Landing Pages in a Snap

I love landing pages. They allow a blogger or any kind of online entrepreneur to promote a specific product or service without altering the blog. A link is created that goes right to that page that can be sent to anyone in an email or used for a pin for Pinterest, or in Linktree for Instagram. No need for readers to search your blog for something you want them to find right away. In ConvertKit, a landing page can be created and then linked right to your website. Oh, the possibilities!

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Learn simple tips to take photos with your smartphone that look like they were taken with a DSLR camera! FREE with your subscription to Loving the Home Life!

Right now, I have just one landing page for my Better Photos with Your Smartphone Mini-Email Course. I created this course entirely in ConvertKit, then linked it to Loving the Home Life. It’s working beautifully! The only tech problem I had was that initially, the first lesson wasn’t going out. I had neglected to toggle the first email from “draft” to “published.” I didn’t “flip the switch.”

It was truly a Clark Griswold gaffe.

ConvertKit’s support worked with me to test this automation to make sure it worked before I made it live again.

FREE Workshop This Week!

I could write and write about the things I love about ConvertKit. But I think you need to see for yourself. ConvertKit is hosting two free webinars this week. Tuesday, October 23 at 2:00 p.m. EST is for beginners to online business called How to Make Your First Dollar Online.

Already have an email list but looking to level up? Register for Making the Most of Your Email List on Wednesday, October 24 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Web Hosting

This workshop will be useful for everyone, not just those who use ConvertKit. You’ll get real, actionable takeaways that can be implemented right after the workshop no matter what tool you use. Be sure to mark the one you choose in your calendar so you can be there live! There will be free stuff only available live!

If You’re Unable to Attend…

If you are unable to join this week’s workshop, you can still get information on earning your first dollar online,  list-building, writing emails to your tribe, and creating sales funnels. Even though these links ask for registration, you can begin watching the videos immediately.

I hope this information is helpful to you! Email management is SO important. I think it’s risky to depend on social media to grow an online business. Algorithms are constantly changing and on social media, your business can disappear in a heartbeat. Your email tribe cannot be taken away. Get good support with your email management. Consider ConvertKit.

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    1. It really is. I wish I had a dollar for every veteran blogger who has said something like, “An email list of 2,000 followers is worth more than a social media following of 20,000.” Why is that? Because those email followers are truly interested in what you offer, not just passively interested. And we all know how Big Social Media changes algorithms to decide what is seen and what isn’t. If readers are relying on social media posts to see what’s new at a blog, they’re going to miss out on something that may be valuable to them.

      A blog is a publishing business – digital magazine with a staff of one or two usually. A good email provider that helps us nurture and relate with our tribe is a sound investment, I think. I like that ConvertKit gives 2 months free if a year of service is paid for at once. That helped me make the decision to go with them.

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