Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

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Make Easter Brunch special with Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict! Top a puff pastry with smoked salmon, a poached egg, and homemade hollandaise sauce. My kids laugh at me. Every time we go out to breakfast, I order the same thing. Eggs Benedict. If it’s on the menu, I’m having it. Then I’m in a food […]

Creating Beauty at Home: Why it Matters

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Creating beauty at home is important. It matters. But why? Why is beauty important, especially at home? Because beauty nourishes our heart, mind, and soul. This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. Why is beauty important? Why do we work so hard to make our home, yard, and a little corner of the […]

Make Pink Champagne Cake for Your Valentine!

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Pink Champagne Cake is a beautiful blush pink, moist, flavorful, decadent cake perfect for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Make it extra divine by topping it with White Chocolate Champagne Frosting and serving it with fresh strawberries! This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. In my article demonstrating how to crochet hearts, […]

Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem

Searing, burning, clenching pain wracked her body. It had a will of its own. Her body giving birth is completely out of her control. In between the rapidly increasing contractions she struggles to recall her mother’s instructions. “When the time comes, breathe. The pain has a purpose. Let the pain happen. Push when you feel […]

Roast Duck with Fig Tarragon Glaze

Roast Duck with Fig Tarragon Glaze is perfect for a special dinner and simple to make. Try it for Christmas dinner, a romantic evening, or special birthday! Sometimes I just want something different for dinner. Because of some problems at my favorite local grocery store, I’m now making longer shopping trips to the nearest Aldi. […]