Chemical-free Carpet Cleaning

Chemical-free carpet cleaning is easy with these two simple ingredients. Remove dirt and freshen carpets without residue containing toxic ingredients. Chemical-free carpet cleaning is easy and better for you and your pets. You can clean your carpet as often as needed without leaving a residue that attracts dirt or exposes your family to harsh chemicals. […]

Chemical-Free Spring Cleaning Part 1

Cleaning is supposed to be healthy, right? Not with some cleaners! Chemical-free Spring Cleaning is easy with the right products and essential oils! Finally, spring is here and the weather is warm enough for me to clean my grimy windows as well as do some other spring cleaning. This post contains affiliate links. Read here […]

Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Staying healthy through the holidays is easier with these tips. Avoid illness and weight gain so you can enjoy celebrating with family and friends! The holidays are here. I love the joy, decorations, and expectation this time of year. But staying healthy through the holidays can be a challenge. Because ’tis the season also for […]

Essential Oils and Herbs: Where to Begin

Learning to use herbs and essential oils can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on where to begin growing and preserving herbs and using essential oils. I started using essential oils over 20 years ago, right about the time I started growing my own herbs because Martha Stewart said it was a “good thing.” The […]

Removing Brown Gunk from Cookware

Cuisineart pan, skillet, aluminum skillet, nonstick skillet, cleaning cookware, pot scrubber, bar keepers friend, removing brown gunk from pans

Removing that brown gunk that collects on the bottoms of your cookware is possible with these simple steps and a couple of easy-to-find cleaning products. This post contains affiliate links. Read here for disclosure. It can be pretty discouraging when your nice set of stainless steel cookware looks like this. UPDATE 8/12/19: This is one […]