Two Great Resources for Rural Living

Want to live in the country but don’t know what to do or where to start? Get these two books for a wealth of rural living instruction! I grew up in a small rural Ozark town. Farm life and country living were never foreign to me. My maternal grandparents were what I would call semi-homesteaders. […]

When Your Dog Eats Mouse Poison

dog, what to do when your dog eats mouse poison, D-Con, Pet Poison Helpline, rodenticide, rural living, country living, farm life

It happens so fast. What do you do when your dog eats mouse poison? Here are some helpful tips to keep on hand in case this happens to you and your dog. Moving to the country, I was surprised by the abundance of two things: weeds that crop up in the garden and mice. I’ve […]

How I’m Slaying My Goals in 2019

I’m slaying my goals in 2019 with The Slay Your Goals Planner. This planner helps me analyze intentions, map out mini-goals, and start achieving! Everyone who knows me knows I’m a “do-er.” It’s who I am. To-do lists are something I’m good at. But being a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years is causing me […]

Home Canning 101: How to Get Started Canning at Home

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This post contains affiliate links. Read disclosure here. Late summer in Iowa means gardens and orchards are about to burst with produce. It’s an exciting time! Last year’s produce is just about gone. It’s such a joy to open up that jar of preserved sunshine in January. Canning Season 2018 is just about to begin. […]