Two Great Resources for Rural Living

Want to live in the country but don’t know what to do or where to start? Get these two books for a wealth of rural living instruction! I grew up in a small rural Ozark town. Farm life and country living were never foreign to me. My maternal grandparents were what I would call semi-homesteaders. […]

Homemade Coconut Oil Face Cleanser

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Homemade Coconut Oil Face Cleanser cleans skin without the estrogen-mimicking ingredients that wreak havoc on our hormones. Easy, no-harm natural skincare! Have you checked the label of the facial cleanser? Can you even pronounce the names of some of the ingredients? I’m so glad coconut oil burst onto the scene a few years ago. It’s […]

How to Safely Use Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil is a potent medicinal essential oil. It must be used with care, especially around household pets. Here’s how to safely use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is listed by the website Top 10 Home Remedies as the most popular essential oil.  Its antimicrobial properties make tea tree oil an easy choice […]

Stay Fit in Your Home

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Ideas for staying fit at home with online personal training and suggestions for fitness equipment to fit your space at home and your fitness needs. Staying fit in your home is easier than ever. With just your cell phone you can now get the expertise and support of a personal trainer. Any exercise equipment you […]

Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Staying healthy through the holidays is easier with these tips. Avoid illness and weight gain so you can enjoy celebrating with family and friends! The holidays are here. I love the joy, decorations, and expectation this time of year. But staying healthy through the holidays can be a challenge. Because ’tis the season also for […]