How I’m Slaying My Goals in 2019

I’m slaying my goals in 2019 with The Slay Your Goals Planner. This planner helps me analyze intentions, map out mini-goals, and start achieving! Everyone who knows me knows I’m a “do-er.” It’s who I am. To-do lists are something I’m good at. But being a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years is causing me […]

Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder is a Winner!

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If Best Blogging Decision #1 is to use ConvertKit for managing this blog’s email, then Best Blogging Decision #2 is to use Tailwind for my¬†Pinterest and Instagram¬†accounts. Tailwind not only helps me grow Loving the Home Life’s audience, but it also saves me a lot of time. It’s like having a virtual assistant to help […]

The Home Office Tax Advantage

Whether you rent or own, if you work from home you need to know about the home office tax advantage. It can potentially reduce your tax burden! Last week I shared an article to help those considering working from home with that decision. Today, I’ll share the tax advantages of having a home office from […]

Best Blogging Decison #1: ConvertKit

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When starting this blogging journey, I was so new to the technology I had notes on how to take a screenshot. Seriously! All I used my laptop and smartphone for was reading the news, shopping, taking and editing photos, and email. While going through my notes recently I reviewed some of my decisions made about […]

Blogging 101: How Loving the Home Life was Born

Blogging 101 gives a behind the scenes look at the creation of a blog and a review of the tutorial Building a Framework that made its existence possible. I was just looking for a way to self-publish a book. Blogging wasn’t even on my radar. It was January 2018 and I was glad for the […]