Chemical-free carpet cleaning is easy with these two simple ingredients. Remove dirt and freshen carpets without residue containing toxic ingredients.

Chemical-free carpet cleaning is easy and better for you and your pets. You can clean your carpet as often as needed without leaving a residue that attracts dirt or exposes your family to harsh chemicals.

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My Hoover Carpet Cleaner is Great for Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning!

I usually get out my Hoover Carpet Cleaner every couple of months. It’s worth it to me to have my own carpet cleaning machine so that it’s handy when I want to use it. The cleaner pictured is a new version of the one I’ve had for around 10 years.

Instead of using carpet shampoo, I mix 1/4 cup of borax and 1/4 of washing soda with the hot water in the solution tank of my carpet cleaner and stir it with a spatula until it dissolves. I’ve never had a problem with this harming my machine. It very effectively cleans my carpet without leaving a residue. Washing soda and borax naturally neutralize odors and do a good job of softening the water increasing it’s cleaning ability.

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How to Do Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning

Start by treating the stained areas in your carpet. Most stains will come out with some baking soda rubbed into them, then sprayed with white vinegar to create the bubbling that loosens them. Blot away with an absorbent rag. I like these pretty blue glass spray bottles for holding my natural cleaners.

Tough stains, like coffee, will require a stain remover. I like Spot Shot Professional Instant Carpet Stain Remover when stains are resistant to natural products.

Using a Home Carpet Cleaner is Easy

Fill the water tank with hot water and your cleaning solution, which is washing soda and borax. Stir to dissolve the washing solution.

If the carpeted rooms need some extra freshening, I’ll add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the cleaning solution tank.

Move the furniture away from where you want to clean. I moved the dining area chairs out of the way.

Start on one side of the room by a wall. Turn on the carpet cleaning machine and release the handle. Squeeze the trigger to spray the cleaning solution on the carpet as you slowly push the cleaner forward. I like to go at about 3 feet.

Then release the spray trigger and slowly pull the cleaner back over the area you just sprayed. The cleaner will vacuum up the cleaning solution along with the dirt in your carpet and store it in the holding tank.

If the area covered is really dirty, go over it a few times to clean it well. Pay careful attention to areas in front of the furniture where people sit and place their feet.

The move to the side, slightly overlapping the area just cleaned. Repeat spraying as you push the cleaner forward, then releasing the trigger and vacuuming as you pull back.

Empty the holding tank into the toilet as often as needed. Don’t worry about the holding tank overflowing. The cleaner will stop vacuuming solution until the tank is emptied.

Do this over the entire carpeted area slightly overlapping where you just cleaned until done.

Empty the holding tank and rinse it out. Clean the filter. Set it aside to dry.

Empty the cleaning solution tank of any remaining cleaning solution, set it aside to dry.

Open the windows and turn on fans to help the carpet dry as quickly as possible.

Go to the kitchen, get a healthy snack and your favorite beverage. Enjoy your snack while taking a break. You earned it.

This saves a lot of money on carpet cleaning and makes the job quick and relatively effortless. You can also clean and freshen fabric upholstered furniture with your carpet cleaner using the same method, only with the handheld cleaning attachment.

I hope these ideas help you with freshening your home this spring. Throw open the windows, crank up some fun music and enjoy your Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Really helpful post, Kay! I didn’t know that baking soda takes out carpet stains! I use baking soda for lots of cleaning jobs, but that was new to me! Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome, Julie 🙂 I’ve had good luck with it. I think it’s the bubbling action with the vinegar that helps pull it out.

    1. Thank you, Maureen! You know, the makers of the carpet cleaning machines put these labels on their cleaners warning to not use anything in their cleaning machine other than the brand carpet detergent they recommend. I’ve been using borax and washing soda for many years and that old Hoover carpet cleaner is going strong!

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