Tips and ideas for holding a fun and successful garage sale and bake sale. FREE printable recipe card for Peanut Butter Bread!

It was the one summer Saturday morning when the kids would get up early – Neighborhood Garage Sale Day.

The excitement, preparation, and anticipation of this special Saturday morning were almost equal to Christmas. There was even baking involved the day before.

This day was a big deal.

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pin showing items for sale at a garage sale

Our former suburban neighborhood would have a neighborhood-wide garage sale extravaganza on a Saturday in May. Everyone who participated would spend the week before going through closets and cleaning basements to find and mark items to sell. Kids would set up lemonade and Kool-Aid stands and have bake sales to raise money. Then, when the items the kids were selling were gone, they would take their money and literally run the neighborhood with their friends snapping up bargains with their new profits.

And that usually meant the old stuff you sold at your garage sale was replaced by new stuff to sell at next year’s neighborhood garage sale. With the kids involved, it was more of an exchange than a sale. But it was such fun. Everyone got out to visit and reconnect after the long Iowa winter and rebuild the camaraderie that comes with being neighbors.

A garage sale is a great way to both clean out the clutter in your home and make a little cash. People are always looking for bargains on good quality items at garage sales.


Planning Your Garage Sale

Hosting a garage sale can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some steps to help you plan your event and organize your items.

garage sale, saturday morning, bake sale, yard sale, fun with kids, peanut butter bread

Bake Sale Items

People love a good bake sale along with a garage sale, and kids love hosting a bake sale. The items don’t need to be fancy or complex. Keep the menu simple and let the kids help with creating the items they’re going to sell as well as the signs and the price lists.

garage sale, saturday morning, bake sale, yard sale, fun with kids, peanut butter bread

Typical items at a garage sale bake sale are:

garage sale, saturday morning, bake sale, yard sale, fun with kids, peanut butter bread

peanut butter bread, bake sale, garage sale, free recipe card

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pin showing sliced peanut butter bread with a glass of milk

Garage sales are just plain fun. Have a happy and successful one!

Happy Garage Sale-ing!



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  1. Love these tips, Kay. Especially about having coffee for customers! So thoughtful! Also love the idea about pricing by table, which made me think you could price by color-code… create a board with different color sticker with a price on/beside the sticker. Then place matching color stickers on items. I hope that makes sense!? Very fun post!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! Good idea on pricing by color-code. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I like it 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post. We always had so much fun on Garage Sale Saturday in our old neighborhood.

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