Frosted cranberries add beauty and sparkle to your Christmas dishes and drinks. Kay Shannon shows you how to make frosted cranberries – video included!

Cranberries and the Christmas go hand-in-hand. Their deep, rich ruby color and tart flavor perfectly complement the richness of holiday dishes. I remember stringing them with popcorn as a kid in elementary school making a garland for the class Christmas tree. Now, I “frost” them with sugar creating a beautiful garnish for food and drinks. Here’s how to make frosted cranberries.

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Uses for Frosted Cranberries

Frosted cranberries are a lovely garnish that dresses up any dish. Use them to pretty up a charcuterie board, garnish the Christmas turkey, rib roast, or whatever special main dish you’re having. Place them on a toothpick with a slice of lemon, lime, or orange to garnish a holiday cocktail or mocktail.

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I used frosted cranberries in this photo to pretty up my Cranberry Orange Quick Bread. It’s a fun and pretty way to give a hint as to what kind of bread is being served.

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How to Make Frosted Cranberries

Note: My eggs come from my laying hens. I know exactly how old they are and that they have not been laying around in unsafe temperatures. So in the video below, I use a fresh egg white to make my frosted cranberries. I recommend using meringue powder to make anything requiring fresh egg whites that will be consumed without cooking. If these frosted cranberries are being used for garnish only and not eaten, then using a fresh egg white will be fine.

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Enjoy making your Christmas dishes and drinks sparkle with beautifully frosted cranberries! Merry Christmas and thank you so much for stopping by!


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