How to Make Frosted Cranberries

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A beautiful Christmas garnish for all your holiday food trays and dishes.


12 ounces of whole, fresh cranberries
1 egg white + 1 tablespoon water or powdered meringue equivalent (follow package directions)
1 1/2 cups white sugar


Wash the cranberries.

Separate the yolk of one egg from the white or mix up the equivalent of 1 egg white using meringue powder. Whisk with a fork until slightly frothy.

Pour all the cranberries into the egg white mixture and toss with the fork to coat them well.

Then put a few at a time into the sugar and lightly toss them around to get them well coated. After they are coated with sugar, remove them with a fork and place them on a wire cooling rack to dry. Let them sit for an hour. They are ready to use when they’re dry.

Store the frosted cranberries in a lidded container in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.


If you are going to consume frosted cranberries, use meringue powder rather than fresh egg white for safety.

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