If Best Blogging Decision #1 is to use ConvertKit for managing this blog’s email, then Best Blogging Decision #2 is to use Tailwind for my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Tailwind not only helps me grow Loving the Home Life’s audience, but it also saves me a lot of time. It’s like having a virtual assistant to help with pinning to Pinterest and posting to Instagram. And Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder is a winner!

This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you click through these links and make a purchase. This is also a sponsored post, meaning I am being compensated for writing this article. Read here for disclosure. The opinions in this article are entirely my own. I use Tailwind for this blog and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m pleased to share this product with you.

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I Should’ve Used Tailwind from the Beginning

But what do I know? This blog is less than a year old. I still have a lot to learn. Blogging is expensive and I’m trying to keep the expenses down. I don’t work outside the home, so I thought I could pin enough manually to grow pageviews.

You can’t really pin enough manually, I’ve learned, to grow your blog’s audience in any meaningful way. At first, I committed to pinning an hour a day, usually with my morning coffee. This doesn’t work well for two reasons. Pinning manually I could only pin about 20 pins a day in that time frame. That isn’t enough to drive much traffic to a blog. And mornings are when Pinterest traffic is low. The pins I’m spending that hour a day pinning aren’t reaching many people.

One afternoon I find myself pinning at my son’s football game to make up for not pinning that morning. I did not start a blog to be working at my son’s football games.

I’m done. I sign up for Tailwind.

What is Tailwind?

In short, Tailwind is an online program allowing you to schedule pins to be pinned at times for optimal viewing by your audience. Tailwind uses data collected from your Pinterest account to create pin times that are optimal for your pins to be seen. With Tailwind, I can still pin in the morning with my coffee, but my pins won’t be saved to boards until specifically chosen times in the afternoon and evening when they are more likely to be seen.

And I don’t have to pin every day anymore. Pins can be scheduled to save to boards days in advance. I feel like I’ve been set free.

Pins can be scheduled to multiple boards at once, or (and this is recommended to avoid spamming) using an interval setting to space out the times when a specific pin is saved to multiple boards. I like to space out pinning the same pin to multiple boards by 3-5 days.

When Tailwind’s ease of scheduling pins combines with WP Tasty Pin’s ability to create Pinterest text for pinnable blog post images in your WordPress Media Library, pinning becomes convenient and easy.

Now, Tailwind kicks it up a notch.

Tailwind’s Instagram Post Scheduler and Hashtag Finder – WOOHOO!

I launch my blog thinking hashtags are just people being cute. Seriously.

My teenage son shows me how to use Instagram. He tells me to just come up with hashtags that have words people use to search Instagram. But even he doesn’t know the real power of the hashtag. Serious bloggers research hashtags. They evaluate hashtags for view numbers and content and create hashtag lists for their Instagram posts in an effort to reach maximum exposure.

And like Pinterest, Instagram audiences for each account vary in optimal usage times. Before Tailwind’s Instagram post scheduler, it was necessary to experiment with post times to determine the best-engaged audience.

No more.

Instagram, Tailwind, Tailwind Hashtag Finder, blogging, Pinterest, pinning, hashtags

Like with Pinterest, Tailwind’s Instagram post scheduler uses data from your Instagram account to create a calendar of the best times to post for maximum exposure. The guesswork is over. Over morning coffee I can schedule a post to my Instagram account to post in the evening when I want to relax. In the Scheduler I create the post, write the caption, and choose the hashtags. Then the Tailwind app sends me a notification at the scheduled time, and all I have to do is open it in Instagram, copy the post caption and hashtags into the post from the clipboard, and save. It takes just a few seconds.

If the notification is missed, just post when you get to it. It isn’t lost.

But what I really love is Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder.

Tailwind's Hashtag Finder

Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder Researches Hashtags for You

The Instagram Hashtag Finder is a HUGE timesaver. I love creating content and photographs for this blog. I don’t love researching hashtags. Tailwind does this work for me.

Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder reads your post caption and creates a list of hashtag suggestions. Color-coded suggestions make it easy to know which hashtags are competitive and which are less competitive This helps in creating a good mix of hashtags to reach both large and niche audiences.

The Instagram Hashtag Finder allows me to create and save lists of hashtags for future use. I have a food blog post list saved that I’ve used to reach a much wider audience for my recipe articles. I’ll be creating more lists for gardening, health and wellness, holiday, and articles about blogging.

Here is How Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder Works

My Blog is Growing Thanks to Tailwind

In August this blog received 487 pageviews. I had a little over 200 Instagram followers, about 45,000 pageviews on my Pinterest page and 137 followers. It was only a few months old. Just starting.

September 6 I signed up for Tailwind. Then October blog pageviews were 1,200. Right now, I have about 600 Instagram followers, 442 Pinterest followers, and about 400K Pinterest views. Another blogger with similar interests invites me to collaborate on about 20 group boards all at once. I think that triggered the spamming algorithm. My Pinterest account is suspended for about 36 hours because Pinterest tightened it’s spamming algorithm and I’m caught up in it.

I email Pinterest and they promptly review the issue. Then they apologize in an email for mistakenly suspending my account. Problem solved. But no pinning happens on a suspended account.

With Tailwind, clicking “re-queue pins” in the Scheduler put me back in business. Just one click is all it takes to restart scheduled pinning on a suspended Pinterest account with Tailwind.

Here’s where I am now, and I wouldn’t be here without Tailwind:

Don’t Hesitate – Get Tailwind with the Instagram Hashtag Finder

Blogging is hard. Tailwind makes it easier. It’s like having a virtual assistant helping with pinning to Pinterest and planning my Instagram posts. If you’re wondering what kind of results you can expect from using Tailwind for your accounts, click here for Pinterest and here for Instagram. Enjoy a free trial of Tailwind today!

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this information helpful. 🙂